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TiKL Question of the Day

  1. TiKL says my phone has an empty/invalid number or invalid country code. What should I do?

    That means your carrier neglected to program your phone number into your sim card. To verify that, go to the home screen of your phone, hit the physical menu button, then select Settings->About phone->-Status. Is "My phone number" or "Voice Line 1" showing your phone number? For US and Canada, that should be your full 10-digit number including area code. If the number displayed is empty/unknown or incorrect, TiKL won't be able to route your TiKL calls to any phone contacts. (But see the facebook workaround later). Without going to too much technical details, please note that your regular phone calls don't use the phone number stored in your sim card. Hence you don't have a problem with your regular phone calls. Short of switching to a different carrier, the current carrier is the only one that can fix an incorrectly programed sim card. We have other users who ran into the same empty/unknown or incorrect phone number in their sim cards. They told us that they called their carrier (e.g. t-mobile) who fixed it over the air in just a couple of minutes by using a tool named "Send MSISDN to SIM". You just have to call your carrier and get a customer support representative who truly knows what he/she is doing. Your carrier can either program the number into your sim card over the air, or mail you a new sim card with the correct number programmed in it.

    Alternatively, you can bypass issues with phone numbers or country code by using TiKL's facebook mode. Once you enable the facebook mode at the Contacts screen, TiKL would have a list of your facebook friends. You can TiKL one or many of them at once no matter which countries they are in, assuming they enable the facebook mode in their TiKL too. If you don't have a facebook account yet, you'd need to create one. It is free. After you and your friends confirm the friend requests from each other on facebook, you can then enable TiKL's facebook mode. Once TiKL has the facebook friend list, it doesn't use facebook anymore. You don't ever have to log in to facebook again either.

TiKL General FAQ

  1. What is TiKL - Touch To Talk?

    TiKL is a simple VoIP push-to-talk communication app. You can instantly talk to your friends and family with the touch of a button. Talk to one or many people at the same time. All you need is their phone number or have them as your Facebook friends. No more waiting for the phone to ring. TiKL - Touch To Talk is quick, simple and free. Download TiKL and turn your android phone into the ultimate Push To Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkie.

  2. Where can I download TiKL?

    If you have an android phone/tablet, please search for TiKL in the Android Market. If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, please search for TiKL in the App Store.

  3. What does TiKL require?

    TiKL works on any android 1.5 (or higher) phones/tablets and iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (iOS4 or higher) that has a data connection. It has been tested on WiFi and multiple carriers' cellular networks (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA1X, 3G).

  4. Is there a distance limit when using TiKL?

    No. As long as all parties on the call have good data connections, TiKL has no distance limit. In fact, we have users in Los Angeles talking to users in New York and Canada on TiKL.

  5. Why do I keep getting Force Close?

    If you are not running the latest version of TiKL, please update TiKL and try again. We constantly roll out new versions that fixes bugs.

    In addition, there are a couple of things to check.

    1. Is there a disk-low warning in the notification area at the top of the screen? TiKL may crash if there is no space left on the disk for it to write to. While we improve TiKL to handle the no-disk condition more gracefully, you may need to delete some apps to free up some disk space.

    2. We have seen cases where android does not perform the update cleanly. Some users have reported that uninstalling and re-installing TiKL fixed their FCs and other weird problems. We recommend you uninstall TiKL, reboot your phone, and then reinstall TiKL. The downside of doing this is that you'd lose all the favorites you saved.

    If none of the above helps, and if android prompts you to report the issue right after the FC, please do so. We will analyze the crash log once google provides that to us. If your android does not prompt you to report the FC, please note down the particular sequence of actions that consistently leads to FCs and email that to tikl.mobi@gmail.com together with your phone's model and android version.

  6. Does a TiKL call use my voice minutes or SMS?

    No. TiKL calls use data connections. No voice minute or SMS is used for TiKL calls. If you stay under your data plan limit or use wifi exclusively for data connections, TiKL calls would cost you absolutely nothing. If you are not using wifi exclusively for data connections, we highly recommend you get a data plan with a limit of 1GB or higher before using TiKL.

  7. Why does TiKL need permission to send SMS messages?

    When you make TiKL calls, no SMS or voice minute is used. The permission to send SMS is needed only when you press the Invite button to invite your friend to download TiKL. That invitation is sent via an SMS. But if you don't ever invite your friend, TiKL would never use any SMS. Even after you press the invite button, you still have a chance to review the SMS composed for you and decide not send the SMS.

  8. Why does TiKL need permission for my location?

    The location access is needed by the ads. It is standard practice in the ad industry. Next time you see an ad from your local restaurant, that is it.

  9. How do I use TiKL?

    1. Hit the Contacts button.
    2. Pick one or more contacts and press done.
    3. Touch and hold the center button to talk, Walkie-Talkie style. Namely hold to talk and release to listen.

    Hints: You can find additional information including more help by hitting the menu key.

  10. What does the red/blue background color mean?

    Blue background means you are not in a TiKL call with anyone, you can pick any contacts or any favorite, and then connect to them instantaneously with TiKL.

    Once you are in a TiKL call, the background turns red. Pressing the talking-head button continues that conversation. If nobody in that call talks for 10 seconds, the call is finished and the background goes back to blue.

  11. How do I see who are in the current call?

    Press the "Call Info" button.

  12. How do I see who were in the last call?

    Press the "Call Info" button.

  13. How do I TiKL back to someone who just TiKL'ed me?

    Simply press the talking-head button. You are then instantly connected.

  14. Do I need to keep TiKL in the foreground to receive calls?

    No. TiKL takes advantage of iOS4 and android's multi-tasking capability. As long as you open TiKL at least once after installing it and don't explicitly kill it, TiKL will automatically pop up to the foreground when there is an incoming call. If you are on wifi, make sure you set wifi sleep policy to Never. If you have a task killer, make sure you add TiKL to the ignore list.

  15. What is the "Invite..." button for?

    To use TiKL, your friends also need to have it installed on their android phones or iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch. You can invite people to use TiKL by pressing the invite button. It would compose an invitation SMS or Facebook wall post, and let you review it and wait for you to press the send button.

  16. How do I add a new contact so I can TiKL him/her?

    Add the contact as you normally would. Come back to TiKL and press the Contacts button, s/he should be there now.

  17. I don't like the door bell ring tone. Can I change it?

    Yes. With the latest version, you can use any notification tones on your phone. Just bring TiKL to the foreground, hit the physical menu button, select Settings->Audio Settings->Custom Ringtone.

  18. How can I change the volume of the TiKL call?

    With TiKL open in the foreground, you can adjust the volume of TiKL calls by pressing the volume buttons (typically on the side of your phone, with plus and minus signs on them). Make sure you are adjusting media volume, not ringer volume. If you change the media volume outside a TiKL call, that affects the volume of future TiKL calls as well.

  19. How can I mute TiKL call?

    You can completely silence TiKL by reducing the media volume (not ringer volume) all the way down to zero.

  20. Why are there still beeps in vibration mode?

    The vibration mode applies to the incoming call alert only. The beeps are still there to signal the beginning and end of someone talking, even in vibration mode. If you need to completely silence a TiKL call, use the volume control buttons as described in the previous FAQ.

  21. Why can't I receive TiKL calls while on WiFi?

    If you are going to use TiKL on WiFi, remember to set your WiFi options under Android Phone Settings to disable WiFi sleep. At the Wi-Fi settings screen, hit the physical menu button, select Advanced->Wi-Fi sleep policy, choose Never, hit the physical button again, select Save. TiKL cannot receive calls if WiFi goes to sleep. It will work fine on cellular networks without changing any phone settings.

  22. Why can't I find TiKL in the android market?

    The availability of TiKL is affected by two things: 1) the android version of your phone and 2) the country you are in. As of 12/24/2010, TiKL requires android version 1.5 or higher, and it is only available in US, Canada, UK, Norway, Denmark, Korea and Japan. If your carrier is outside those countries or your phone is running android 1.4 or lower, you may not find TiKL in the android market.

  23. Why do I sometimes get a popup saying "Simultaneous Talk Detected"?

     That means multiple people in the TiKL call are pressing the talk button at the same time. You should release the talk button and wait for your turn.

  24. How do I know that my friend has released her talk button so I can talk?

    Once she releases the talk button, you will hear a short single beep.

  25. How do I check if TiKL on my phone is connected with the server?

    Bring TiKL to the foreground, hit the physical menu button, select Settings. If the last contact with the server is more than 10 minutes ago, the phone has lost its connection with the server. In that case, make sure your data connection is good.

  26. Why am I getting "Network unavailable - Try again later" all the time?

    Please update TiKL to the latest version and try again.

  27. Why am I getting "Server unreachable - Try again later" all the time?

    Please update TiKL to the latest version and try again.

  28. Why am I getting "Failed to connect - Try again later"?

    Please make sure your phone has excellent data connection. If your phone just toggled between WiFi and cellular data connection, please allow TiKL one minute to re-connect to the server. You can also try rebooting your phone. If the problem persists despite all the above, please email tikl.mobi@gmail.com your phone model, android/iOS version, TiKL version and your phone number.

  29. Why am I getting "Above contacts are not on TiKL"?

    That means the number you try to TiKL is not connected with our servers. It can be any of the following reasons.

    1. Your friend does not have TiKL installed. You can use the "Invite..." button to ask him/her to install TiKL.
    2. If your friend has an iPhone, make sure he/she enter the right number in his/her TiKL. In US and Canada, it must be the full 10-digit number with area code.
    3. If your friend has an Android phone, make sure he/she is not suffering from an empty/unknown/incorrect number programmed by the carrier. Refer to the question "TiKL says my phone has an empty/unknown number" for solutions.
    4. If you are using TiKL's facebook mode, make sure your friend enable the facebook mode in his/her TiKL too.

  30. How much battery power does TiKL use?

    You can see for yourself how many percent of power is consumed by TiKL on your phone. To see the power consumption break-down by apps, go to your phone's home screen, hit the physical menu button, then select Settings->About phone->Battery use. You can compare TiKL's battery consumption to that of Cell standby and Phone idle. The latter two give you an idea on how much power is used by your phone to "stay connected" in order to receive regular incoming phone calls. Similarly, TiKL must be running all the time to "stay connected" in order to receive incoming TiKL calls.

  31. How can I modify a saved favorite?

    You can overwrite a favorite by saving a new favorite with the same name.

  32. How can I delete a saved favorite?

    Pick that favorite, press Call Info button, choose Delete from Favs.

  33. Can I use the camera button as the PTT button?

    Not at this time. But it is on our roadmap. If you would like to be among the first to know about TiKL's new releases, please follow us on twitter, http://twitter.com/TiKLTouchToTalk.

  34. Can TiKL tell me the presence of my friends (available, busy, offline, etc.)?

    Not at this time. But it is on our roadmap. If you would like to be among the first to know about TiKL's new releases, please follow us on twitter, http://twitter.com/TiKLTouchToTalk.

  35. Does TiKL have a "don't disturb" mode?

    Yes! You can turn it on/off in menu Settings. Note that the don't-disturb mode silently ignores all incoming TiKL calls. If you'd like to still get the incoming call notification but mute the audio, you can turn off the don't-disturb mode and lower media volume to zero.

  36. Does TiKL support Blackberry/WP7/Symbian/MeeGo/WebOS?

    As of 12/24/2010, TiKL only works on android phones/tablets (requires android 1.5 or higher) and iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch (requires iOS4 or higher). Our developers are marching towards bringing TiKL to as many platforms as possible, including Blackberry/WP7/Symbian/MeeGo/WebOS. If you would like to be among the first to know about TiKL's new releases, please follow us on twitter, http://twitter.com/TiKLTouchToTalk.

  37. Is there an ad-free paid verion?

    Not at this point. Although we'd love to have a paid version as much as you do, we want to make sure TiKL is solid first. For now, the ads help defray the srever and bandwidth cost associated with each TiKL call. We know some users strongly dislike the ads. But they help us keep TiKL free for now while we improve TiKL in its infancy.

  38. Will TiKL remain free after beta?

    We may add premium features down the road in a paid version. However, rest assured that what is offered for free today will remain free, even if TiKL is out of beta stage.

  39. Is there a widget for TiKL?

    Not at this point. Widget is on our roadmap. Since widgets can't display ads, it may have to be a paid feature to defray the cost of developing and maintaining TiKL. For now, please place a shortcut to TiKL on your home screen.

  40. Does TiKL work for non-US users?

    It depends. TiKL currently supports phone numbers in US, Canada, UK, Korea and Japan. But you can always use TiKL's facebook mode no matter which country you are in.

  41. Does TiKL support international PTT?

    Today US and Canadian users can TiKL one another using phone numbers. But if you use TiKL's facebook mode, you can TiKL any of your facebook friend regardless which country he/she lives in.

  42. Can I still use TiKL when I am traveling (internationally)?

    Even if you travel to a different country (or planet for that matter), as long as you have a data connection, TiKL will work just fine. But watch out for data roaming charges by your carrier, or stick to wifi only for TiKL calls when overseas. Be sure to use the same SIM card so TiKL can still identify you with the same phone number, or use TiKL's facebook mode.

    We have reports from US users who TiKLed their friends in US while traveling in Japan/Mexico/Panama/South Africa.

  43. Can TiKL use my google voice number instead of my regular phone number?

    Unfortunately no. Google voice does not provide a way for apps like TiKL to integrate with it.

  44. Can I use TiKL to PTT Nextel/Boost phones or VZ/ATT PTT phones?

    Unfortunately no. Nextel/Boost and VZ/ATT PTT phones are designed to lock you in with a particular carrier. They don't inter-operate with anything else. In contrast, TiKL works across carriers, for free. And you are not stuck with a crappy phone just for PTT. With TiKL, you also get unlimited chat, including group chat, completely free.

  45. Does TiKL work on Nextel i1? After all, it is an Android phone.

    Despite its Android user interface, Nextel i1 is still an iDEN phone at its core, using the ancient iDEN network that has a very limited data bandwidth. That means it does not have the high-speed cellular data connections (e.g. 3G) enjoyed by modern phones such as the Droid. You can think of the Droid's cellular data connection as the wireless equivalent of cable modem or DSL whereas the i1's cellular data connection is the wireless equivalent of dial-up. With i1's dial-up-like cellular data connection, data flows slowly and the audio gets choppy as a result. If i1 is connected to wifi, TiKL should work fine on it.

  46. Does TiKL work on iPhone 3G?

    First of all, TiKL requires iOS4 or higher. In particular, TiKL needs the background capability of iOS4 or higher to receive incoming TiKL calls. Although iPhone 3G can be upgraded to iOS4, as always, the devils are in the details. As the footnote at http://www.apple.com/ios states, "not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking, AirPrint, and VoiceOver are available on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd generation and later)." It means that iOS4 on iPhone 3G is crippled and has no background capability. So you can upgrade your iPhone 3G to iOS4 to install TiKL. But it won't receive TiKL calls unless TiKL is in the foreground.

  47. What does the tag Beta mean?

    It means TiKL is still very young and probably has a lot of rough edges that need to be polished. We would appreciate your comments in the Discussion area.

  48. Does TiKL sell my phone number?

    Absolutely no! You can rest assured that TiKL does not and will not sell your personal info, including your phone number, to any third party.

  49. What if my question is not answered in this FAQ?

    You can check the Discussion area to see if the same question is asked and answered there. If you need further assistance, feel free to email tikl.mobi@gmail.com.