Message Status

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The following icons appear next to every chat message that is sent with TiKL.  The icons indicate the status of the message so you never have to wonder if the message reached its destination.  Clicking on the icons gives further details about the message status.

  Message delivered to all the recipients.

  Message is on its way to the recipients
  and in transit or pending delivery.

  Message delivery is unconfirmed for one or more recipients.  This means the message may have not reached everybody you sent the message to.  Clicking on the icon gives details about who the message has been delivered to and who it may have not reached.  Sometimes a message may not reach its recipient for several reasons.  Here are the two most common ones.
  • They don't have a version of TiKL that supports chat.
  • Their device is turned off or does not have coverage at the moment. This can also happen for a couple of seconds when a recipient's device is switching to WiFi.  TiKL will continue to try to deliver the message to the recipients.