TiKL - Help & Usage Guide for Android

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The FAQ is the best way to understand TiKL and fix any problems that you may have after reading this usage guide.

Quick Start

Before you get started make sure that the people you want to call also have TiKL.  Also make sure that the Media Volume is at maximum the first time you use TiKL.  It can be turned down later.
  1. To call your friends, walkie-talkie style, hit contacts.
  2. Pick one or more friends from the list. You can choose upto 25 friends. Press done.
  3. When you back at the main TiKL screen, press and hold the center button till you hear a doorbell. The screen will turn red indicating you are connected. Push the button when you want to speak. Only one person should talk at a time. Its a good idea to use words such as "over" to indicate you are done speaking so that someone else can talk.

Using TiKL on WiFi

If you want to use TiKL on WiFi, remember to set your WiFi options under Android Phone Settings to disable WiFi sleep. TiKL cannot receive calls if WiFi goes to sleep. It will work fine on cellular networks without changing any phone settings.

Guide to the TiKL GUI

Main Screen

TiKL - Touch To Talk Main Screen
Contacts Screen

TiKL - Touch To Talk Contacts Screen
Active Call

TiKL - Touch To Talk Active Call

How to save one person to favorites?

Hit contacts, pick the person you want to save to favorites. Hit save to favorites. The name of the person will be show in "Save As". If you want to change the name, you can do so now. Press save to save to favorites. The favorites drop down on the main screen will reflect this. Whenever you want to talk to that person, simply pick from the dropdown and press the center button to talk.

How to save a group of people to favorites?

Hit contacts on the main screen. Screen will switch to contacts view. Pick *all* the people that you want to save to a group. Press save to favorites. Give the group a name and hit save. The group will show up in the main screen favorites drop down. Whenever you want to speak to this saved group, pick it from favorites and press the center button to talk.